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The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation Explained

Please view this video presented by Shane Mahoney explaining what The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is and the significance this system has for wildlife and wildlife management.

This video may also be found on Shane Mahoney’s Facebook page.


Employment opportunity with Oregon Wildlife Services in Coos County

This vacancy  is for a full-time, seasonal AD-404, Wildlife Specialist in Coos County, Oregon.

This position has historically been a full-time, 12 month/year position but because of funding challenges in Coos County the position has been scaled back to a full-time seasonal position.  There is a real possibility that this position may return to a 12 month/year position because stakeholder groups are working hard to generate the funding to do this, but at this time we are budgeted for a full-time seasonal position of approximately 6 months or more.

Coos County is situated on the southwest coast of Oregon and is mostly rural.  Most of the work associated with this position involves protecting timber, livestock, road systems and human health & safety.  The primary wildlife damage agents Wildlife Services works with in Coos County are black bears, cougars, coyotes, beaver, and nutria.

Hunting and fishing opportunities abound in SW Oregon.  This part of the State is home to black bear and cougar populations that are among the densest in North America and the rivers contain salmon & steelhead runs.

For more information about this job, please contact District Supervisor, Paul Wolf.  Paul’s contact information is contained in the vacancy announcement.

David E. Williams

State Director

USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services

6135 NE 80th, Ste A-8

Portland, OR 97218

(503) 326-2346

Fax (503) 326-2367

To see the complete job announcement please click of this link: Job Vacancy