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Trapping Matters Workshop

Modern wildlife management was born from hunting and trapping needs, and trapping today is still needed for wildlife research, population management, and as a recreational activity that gets people outdoors and interested in wildlife. But times, they are a’changing, and controversies are arising around trapping. Many wildlife professionals shy away from trapping-related discussions because it is considered a controversial wildlife management technique. Yet, it is essential that wildlife professionals understand the diverse ways that regulated trapping provides environmental & social benefits.

This workshop will help you understand trapping in today’s times, learn to utilize trapping, and also how to talk about it with other wildlife professionals and the public. Participants will leave with scientifically sound information & be trained in skills that will make them effective communicators on this subject.

When: July 13 9-5

Where: Deschutes National Forest Supervisor’s Office, 63095 Deschutes Market Road, Bend, OR 97701

To register, log in to your member account! The event should be listed for you after you log in. You can also go directly to the registration page. This event is FREE thanks to a grant from the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation. Spots are limited, so sign up and secure your seat!

Note! Travel grants are available! Contact Bryant White ( for details!


Workshops! Forestry, Wildlife, and Jobs

NOTE! WORKSHOPS HAVE BEEN CANCELED! If you registered for a workshop ORTWS treasurer will be in touch regarding refund.


There are three workshops offered on Wednesday, April X from 8-12 AM in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. In keeping with the meeting theme of “Common Goals, Common Ground, Common Solutions” ORTWS is pleased to present Forestry 101, Wildlife 101, and Getting a Government Job.

Are you a wildlifer surrounded by forestry lingo? Then Forestry 101 is for you! Scroll down for the workshop description.

Are you a forester befuddled by all the wildlife lingo?  Then Wildlife 101 is for you!

Always dreaming of a government job? Then Getting a Government Job is for you!

To register, join us at the Annual Meeting!

Workshop: Forestry 101



Forestry & Silviculture for Biologists in the Northwest 

This workshop is an introduction (or refresher) to biologists working on forestry issues, but not trained in forestry. This workshop will define forestry terms and concepts so attendees understand forestry discussions and can estimate parameters of interest in the office or in the field.  This should help participants visualize forest conditions from written descriptions and to provide comments on forest-management proposals.

Topics include:

  • Common Terms and Definitions
  • Principles of Tree Growth
  • Forest Classification and Site Quality
  • Characteristics of Tree Species
  • Stand Development and Competition
  • Stocking and Stand Density
  • Basic Measurements of Trees and Stands
  • Common Considerations in Management and Harvest

To register, join our Annual Meeting!

Member Forum Available

Hello Wildlifers!

As part of our new membership and event online service, we can now offer you a message forum! This is a members-only benefit. Many of us are spread far across the state, and with restricted budgets getting around to visit each other is more challenging. The member forum is a place to ask questions of fellow wildlife professionals and students; exchange information on gear, wildlife techniques, and species; share events of interest; and even to coordinate carpooling to those events!

Have you read a research article that would be helpful for other Oregon wildlifers to read? Post it!

Need someone to review your management plan? Ask!

There are also forums for our assorted committees to use; these are only visible to committee members.

Benefit of a forum over email:

  • Creates a searchable database of topics of interest to ORTWS members
  • Allows members to virtually “meet” each other and connect even if work has not brought them together
  • Conversations are open to multiple members rather than a set email list, allowing for more information exchange
  • Easier for students to learn directly from professionals
  • Provides wildlife students across the state a central place to discuss student concerns

To access the forum, simply log in to your member portal and click “Forums” on the main menu. You can also “subscribe” to a forum so that you receive a daily, weekly, or immediate email notifications alerting you to new posts and replies.

REGISTER NOW! Grasslands Connectivity Workshop

ORTWS is hosting a workshop on Grasslands Connectivity in the Willamette Valley on September 3, 2014.  The workshop is at Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge, and will address the following topics:

  • History of grasslands in the Willamette Valley
  • Grassland connectivity
  • Grassland restoration
  • Grassland endangered species, including Fender’s blue butterflies
  • Managing grasslands for native species

Regular admission: $50
Student admission: $30
Box lunch (optional): $10

To register, visit our Event Registration here! Note this is a new service we are testing to improve registration for our members (like you!). The draft agenda is below (and subject to change). You can download the full agenda here.


Pre workshop meeting: 8:00: Elspeth Hilton, Cascadia Prairie Oak Weed Management Area (CPOWMA)

9:00 – Tom Kaye, Institute for Applied Ecology
Grassland Ecology/Grassland basics

9:30 – Ed Alverson, Private consultant
Pre-contact, (pre)historical extent of grasslands

10:00 – Elspeth Hilton, Cascadia Prairie Oak Partnership (CPOP)
Overview of CPOP, connecting people and information

10:30 – Chris Seal, USFWS
Restoration techniques and goals for WV grassland

11:00 – Matt Blakely- Smith & Bob Altman, Green Belt Land Trust
Restoration for grassland birds

11:30 – Lunch/Field trip for restoration ara at Tualatin River NWR with Pete Schmidt, Refuge Biologist, and Erin Holmes, Project Manager

1:00 – Wes Messinger, US Army Corps of Engineers
Primer on pollinators, example of FBB connectivity project

1:30- Matt Benotsch, TNC
FBB restoration at Willow Creek Preserve

2:00 – Amie Loop- Frison , Yamhill SWCD
Conservation through cooperation

2:30 – Mary Bushman, City of Portland
City of Portland regional conservation strategy & connectivity efforts

3:00 – Ann Kreager, ODFW
ODFW grassland work

3:30 – Kevin O’Hara, USFWS
Willamette Valley Conservation Study Area