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Hunting with Non-lead Ammunition

Preserving hunting and wildlife for Oregon’s future:

An interactive workshop presented by the Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society & Oregon Zoo
November 20th, 2015 (9am – 4pm)

Oregon Zoo, Vista Room, 4001 SW Canyon Road, Portland, Oregon

This workshop will provide Pacific Northwest hunters and wildlife professionals with an interactive forum to learn about and discuss the effects of lead ingestion on wildlife in Oregon, the ballistics of non-lead ammunition, and ways to reduce lead’s impact on wildlife. Panel discussions will provide participants with opportunities to share their experiences and contribute ideas towards a strategy to reduce the availability of lead from ammunition to wildlife in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Topics include:

  • Overview of lead and wildlife issues in other states
  • Current field research in Oregon
  • Hunter opinions, attitudes, and experiences
  • Ballistics and effectiveness of non-lead ammunition
  • Engaging hunters to help solve the problem

Registration   $25 registration fee includes morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon coffee.

Full refund minus a $5 processing fee available if registration is cancelled prior to November 6, 2015

To register, visit

For more information, contact:
David Shepherdson:;
Leland Brown:; or Todd Mabee:


Free Ammo Clinic!

An interactive workshop presented by the Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society, The Oregon Zoo Wildlife and Lead Outreach Program, and the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club

 July 11th 2015

Albany Rifle and Pistol Club

29999 Saddle Butte Road, Shedd, OR 97377

10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Curious about non-lead ammunition? Would you like to test a variety to see how they shoot? Join us for a free, informative, and hands-on event. Oregon hunters have a strong history of conservation and we hope this event will continue this great tradition.

Bring your own rifle and favorite ammunition

  • See how non-lead ammunition compares to your favorite lead shot in your own rifle
  • Discuss the concerns about lead ammunition – lead bullet fragments can remain in game meat and gut piles, creating a known health hazard for scavenging eagles, wildlife, and possibly for humans.
  • We’ll also test bullet performance by shooting into water barrels and gelatin

Registration is encouraged here.

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For more information please contact the organizers:
Leland Brown;
Clint Epps at;
Todd Mabee at