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Member Spotlight – John Goodell


Present Position: Owner/Principle Northwest Avian Resources

Former Positions: Curator of Natural History at the High Desert Museum 2012-2016; Wildlife Scientist, Intermountain Aquatics 2006-2011; Field Biologist, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Non-game Avian Program 1996-2005.
TWS Involvement: Past Board member, Lead (Pb) & Wildlife Workshops; Legislative and Conservation Committees, ORTWS liaison to Oregon Conservation Fund/Task Force.
Interest: While numerous conservation challenges are important to our professional community, conservation funding is unquestionable the overarching priority. Securing broad-based, sustainable funding not only supports the priorities of the Oregon Conservation Strategy but will address unforeseen challenges. No other topic has more implications to our professional landscape.
My other interests include avian ecology, raptor lead (Pb) science, habitat restoration, sagebrush-steppe ecology and natural history interpretation and exhibits.

Annual Business Meeting Notes Now Posted

Check out the minutes from our April 30 Business Meeting.

Business Meeting Notes

Member Forum Available

Hello Wildlifers!

As part of our new membership and event online service, we can now offer you a message forum! This is a members-only benefit. Many of us are spread far across the state, and with restricted budgets getting around to visit each other is more challenging. The member forum is a place to ask questions of fellow wildlife professionals and students; exchange information on gear, wildlife techniques, and species; share events of interest; and even to coordinate carpooling to those events!

Have you read a research article that would be helpful for other Oregon wildlifers to read? Post it!

Need someone to review your management plan? Ask!

There are also forums for our assorted committees to use; these are only visible to committee members.

Benefit of a forum over email:

  • Creates a searchable database of topics of interest to ORTWS members
  • Allows members to virtually “meet” each other and connect even if work has not brought them together
  • Conversations are open to multiple members rather than a set email list, allowing for more information exchange
  • Easier for students to learn directly from professionals
  • Provides wildlife students across the state a central place to discuss student concerns

To access the forum, simply log in to your member portal and click “Forums” on the main menu. You can also “subscribe” to a forum so that you receive a daily, weekly, or immediate email notifications alerting you to new posts and replies.

Member Portal – new features!

Hello members!

ORTWS has started using new membership and event software called Wild Apricot. It is much more robust than the system we used last year, with more features and support that saves the Chapter money and the Secretary, Treasurer, and event managers time! This means we’ll be able to put our time (and Chapter money) into tasks that more directly benefit Oregon wildlife and wildlife professionals.

You’ll probably start getting emails from to remind you about Chapter dues, or to confirm registration with workshops, meetings, and other events. You’ll also see a “member portal” now on the main menu bar of our website.¬† Use your email address on file with us (where you get emails from ORTWS.Secretary), and reset a password to get in! So far


  • Update your contact information at any time, and make sure it’s right
  • Register for events simply, and pay for them online via Paypal (credit cards accepted), or send a check
  • Renew your membership – the software even sends you a reminder note!
  • Coming soon: message forum to network with other ORTWS members. Ask questions from your colleagues, discuss surveys and methodologies, arrange travel and carpool for events, and more!


Since this is still new, please let Vee know if there are any issues, especially if the Member Portal is blocked from your work site or if emails get bumped to spam/junk folders. We want to make sure that online presence is as user-friendly and easy as possible.