FOUR Awards Available

Application Deadline: November 30, 2017


Please make sure you upload all required documents if using the online application.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholarship: $600   will go to an outstanding undergraduate student working towards a Wildlife Sciences or similar degree (e.g., Zoology, Biology, Conservation Biology) at an Oregon college. Selection will focus on excellence in academics, leadership, and experience. To apply, follow the instructions below.

Kathy Johnson Outreach Scholarship:$600 will be awarded to an undergraduate or post-baccalaureate student. This award is intended to foster diversity within the Society, and will be based on academic performance and leadership. Eligible recipients include older returning students, single parents, or students making a career shift into natural resources, and those with real-world issues or challenges related to class, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, age, language, race, ability, and sexual orientation. To apply, follow instructions below and include information in the cover letter outlining why you are qualified and how scholarship support can help you.  For this scholarship full-time enrollment is not required.

Outstanding New Graduate Student Scholarship: $1000 will be awarded to a graduate student in their first year of graduate study. Awards will be based on academic qualifications and research goals. To apply, follow instructions below and include a copy of your research goals and a letter of support from your major professor.

Advanced Graduate Student Scholarship:$1000 will be awarded to an advanced graduate student for academic performance and excellence in research. To apply, follow instructions below and include a letter of support from your major professor.

Basic Eligibility Criteria For All Scholarships

  • Applicant must be a full-time student in a degree program within the state of Oregon except for the Kathy Johnson Outreach Scholarship. The Kathy Johnson Outreach Scholarship is open to part time students.
  • Applicant’s major field of study must be relevant to wildlife science
  • Applicant must be a member of the Oregon Chapter TWS.
  • Applicant must not have been previously awarded the scholarship being applied for.

Selection Criteria

The ORTWS Scholarships are intended to foster students who have demonstrated potential for making a future professional contribution in wildlife sciences or management through research, management, education or outreach.


Awards will be selected based on the criteria specified in each scholarship description. Examples of additional selection criteria that may be considered are as follows:

  • Participation in a student organization
  • Development or participation in a special project
  • Service on a professional, Department or University committee
  • Volunteer work in service to the profession
  • Participation in an inter-departmental or intra-departmental project to foster cooperation among disciplines
  • Providing service to other students, such as tutoring or mentoring
  • Promoting professional, Department or University efforts to increase student diversity
  • Overcoming adversity in academic or personal life to achieve education and professional goals
  • Member of underrepresented group (e.g., gender, ethnic, racial, first college student in family)
  • Presenting at a professional or other natural resource-related meeting (poster or paper)
  • Publication of manuscript or other resource-related publications

To apply for any of these awards:

1) Attach a one-page cover letter to the application that introduces yourself, describes your educational goals and professional aspirations relative to wildlife, and elaborates on knowledge, skills and abilities not included in your resume or C.V.

2) Attach a resume or C.V. that shows at least:

  • Past work and volunteer experience, especially as it relates to wildlife (include dates and duration for each paid and volunteer position)
  • Leadership activities, honors/scholarships, publications/presentations, professional and other memberships (clubs, committees, etc.)

3) Include the Scholarship Application Form and any additional information requested in the scholarship description.

4) Include a current copy of your college transcripts.


Students may submit application and materials online or may submit application materials to Karen Hussey, at Please combine all items into one PDF titled with your name and the name of the scholarship for which you are applying.