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2017 Board Election Results!!

Welcome our new officers and board members for 2017!


Laura Tesler – President Elect

Wendy Wente – Vice-president Elect

Summer Peterman – Treasurer

Board Members:

Leland Brown

Daphne Swope

Meghan Martin

DeWaine Jackson

To get the details on all board members visit our Officers and Board page!

Member Spotlight – Leland Brown

Leland Brown.jpg

Education: B.S., Environmental Biology, Plymouth State University

Present Position: Non-lead Hunting Education Coordinator, Oregon Zoo 2015-present

Past Experience: Predator Biologist- San Clemente Island Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program, Institute for Wildlife Studies 2007-2010; Program Manager- Feral Pig Removal, Institute for Wildlife Studies 2010-2012; Non-lead Outreach Coordinator- Institute for Wildlife Studies 2010-2012; Wildlife Management Technician- Hawaii Natural Area Reserve System 2012-2015.

TWS Involvement: Assisted in hosting first non-lead ammunition demonstration in July 2015, set up and hosted Non-lead Ammunition Workshop November 2015, presentations at 2016 OR TWS conference.

Interests: I grew up running around the woods and mountains of northern NH. My interests personally and professionally still reflect that history. Professionally, I am interested in maintaining healthy, intact ecosystems and wildlife populations. This includes addressing human dimensions of conservation, including sustainable use, environmental contamination, and invasive species management. We are in a crucial time to develop sustainable funding sources for wildlife conservation that requires engaging diverse stakeholders. I spend my free time hiking, climbing, hunting, camping, and generally trying to get lost in the woods with my dogs and wife.

Member Spotlight – DeWaine Jackson

DeWaine Jackson.jpg

Education:      B.S. at Iowa State University (1976) – Fisheries and Wildlife Biology; M.S.    Michigan State University (1979) – Thesis on Mallard Breeding Ecology;  Ph.D.  Colorado State University (1984) – Dissertation on Ecology of Bobcats in Colorado

Present Position: Wildlife Research Supervisor – West Region Research – ODFW.  Primary responsibilities include conducting management related research on wildlife species of concern to ODFW and leading a team of wildlife researchers to accomplish project goals.  Current Research projects include Black-tailed deer ecology in western Oregon, utilization of fecal DNA to obtain population estimates for black-tailed deer, mortality characteristics of black bear in Oregon (manuscript preparation), migration & habitat use of mule deer in south-central Oregon (data analysis), survival and movement of Cascades black-tailed deer – OSU cooperative, survival and movement of south-central mule deer – OSU cooperative, and Black-tailed Deer: Estimates of Abundance, Distribution, Habitat Selection and Forest Impacts – OSU Cooperative

Former Positions: Contract Biologist – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (1983-84);  Forest Wildlife Research Biologist – Iowa Department of Natural Resources (1984-94); Wildlife Projects Leader – ODFW 1994 -96. Worked on numerous species, including Coyotes, Mallards, Mourning Doves, bobcats, eastern white-tailed deer, wild turkey, Ruffed Grouse, beaver, cougar, black bear, elk , Columbian white-tailed deer, mule deer, black-tailed deer.      

TWS: Member for over thirty years

Interests: Professional Defining impacts of predation on ungulate population dynamics and  developing wildlife management practices based on data from appropriate spatial and temporal scales.

Member Spotlight -Daphne Swope

Daphne Swope.jpg

Education: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology/Zoology, May 2009, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Present Position: Wildlife Biologist & Operations Manager for Turnstone Environmental Consultants, Inc. I conduct and oversee general wildlife surveys and agency protocol-level surveys for special-status wildlife species in Oregon and Washington. (2012-2017)

Former Positions: Banding Technician, USGS Pacific Islands Ecosystem Research Center, Hilo, HI (2012); Biological Technician/Field Crew Leader, Klamath Bird Observatory, Oregon (2009-2010); Banding Assistant, Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History, Dominica (2010)          

TWS: I am excited about becoming involved with TWS in order to contribute to the advancement of conservation-based science and adaptive management, as well as encourage stewardship and knowledge within our local communities.

Interests: I have a broad interest in conservation biology and management-based research, with a recent focus on environmental compliance on federal, state, and private projects as well as a background in avian monitoring to study population trends, demographics, life history, distribution and habitat relationships. My personal interests include exploring Oregon and beyond via foot and cycle as well as creating and enjoying good food and drink.


Member Spotlight -Meghan Martin

Mefhan Martin-Wintle.jpg

Education:                                                                                                                                             B.A., Biology, Reed College, 2003                                                                                                                  M.S., Biology, Portland State University, 2006                                                                                   Ph.D., Biology, Portland State University, 2014

Present Position: Postdoctoral Researcher San Diego Zoo Global 2014-present. Where she develops and manages an international research program studying improvement of captive breeding methods, the effects of domestication on reproductive success in captivity, and reintroduction training methods in the giant panda.  Her work involves international collaboration with the Chinese Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP), Beijing Normal University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, the University of Edinburgh, and St. Louis Zoo.  Director of PDXWildlife 2013-present.  Meghan co-founded a local non-profit in Portland, Oregon that conducts directed research questions that answer pressing wildlife management needs. Under this organization she developed a menu-marking program in Portland that recruits restaurants to mark sustainable seafood items and researched the effectiveness of menu marking on consumer choice and helped develop and organize non-lead ammunition outreach initiatives at gun shows.

Former Positions: United States Fish and Wildlife, Aquatics Conservation Program Intern 2014- 2015, Portland, OR;  Oregon Zoo & San Diego Zoo Global, Giant Panda Graduate Program Behavioral Research            2011- 2014, Portland, OR; Portland Community College, Adjunct Professor and Lab Instructor for Conservation Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Introductory Biology 2009-2014, Portland, OR; Clark Community College, Adjunct Professor and Lab Instructure for Human Anatomy and Physiology 2008-2014, Vancouver, WA; Oregon Zoo,  Radioimmunoassay Technician 2006-2010, Portland, OR; United States Forest Service, Wildlife Biological Technician 2006, Estacada, OR; Portland State University, Teaching Assistant for Human Anatomy and Physiology and Histology 2006-2014, Portland, OR; Portland State University, Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit Graduate Behavioral Research 2004-2006, Portland, OR; Oregon Zoo, Research Associate 2005-2014, Portland, OR; Smithsonian Institution/National Zoological Park, Giant Panda Behavior Intern 2005, Chengdu, China; Oregon Health and Sciences University/Oregon Primate Center, Primate Research Assistant II 2003-2004, Portland, OR; Reed College, Urban Bird Behavioral Research Senior Research Thesis 2002-2003, Portland, OR; Organization of Tropical Studies, Field Research Intern 2002, Costa Rica; United States Forest Service, Type I Wildland Firefighter (Hot Shot Crew) 2002, Zig Zag, OR; United States Forest Service, Engine Crew Wildland Firefighter 1999 & 2000, Springerville, AZ.

TWS: Active member since 2006; Attends annual meetings; participates in TWS organized workshops and events since becoming a member.

Interests: Professional – Investigating management techniques through directed scientific research to improve the the success rate of endangered species conservation initiatives. Mentoring and training the next generation of conservation leaders. Promoting multi-institutional collaborations and student training between various groups working with wildlife across the state. Becoming part of the conservation solution! Personal – Horseback riding, traveling, gardening, hiking and spending time with family and friends.