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2018 Private Landowner Stewardship Award: TRAPPIST ABBEY

Congratulations to Trappist Abbey, the 2018 recipient of our civic award recognizing private landowners for implementing positive wildlife conservation programs or actions on their land in conjunction with their commercial operation.

Sustainably manage fish and wildlife habitats in conjunction with their industries:

  • Replanted historically logged forests.
  • Selectively harvest timber through Forest Stewardship Plan.
  • Improved in-stream aquatic habitats.
  • Restored oak savannah and woodland habitats.
  • Property on perpetual conservation easement under Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program.

Monastic Industries include:

  • Winery
  • Timber
  • Bakery
  • Book binding


Congratulations to ONDA, our 2018 recipient for this civic award for ongoing, positive wildlife conservation or advocacy efforts.

  • Removed over 125 tons of barbed wire fence.
  • Helped secure permanent protection for the Steens.
  • Helped protect the Wild and Scenic Owyhee River corridor.
  • Helped reduce grazing pressures on multiple wilderness areas.
  • Led grassroots campaign to establish Oregon Badlands Wilderness and Spring Basin Wilderness Areas.

For full details about ONDA and their accomplishments please visit: