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Job Opportunities: Port Blakely & ODFW

Port Blakely US Forestry –Tumwater, WA has an opening for a Wildlife Biologist. For more information, or to apply, Click Here!

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is hiring for a Central Point Fish Screens Supervisor based in Central Point, OR. For more information, or to apply, go to: Click Here – Applications due 7/9!

ODFW is also hiring for a Natural Resource Specialist 2 (Assistant District Fish Biologist) based in Clackamas, OR. For more information, or to apply, Click Here Applications due 7/9!


Volunteer Opportunity: Cascade Pika Watch

Cascades Pika Watch has been monitoring the distribution and abundance of pikas throughout the Columbia River Gorge for four years, based on local research results dating back to 2011. Citizen scientists have been hiking to talus slopes and reporting on presence/absence of pikas, giving us a baseline understanding of where pikas live in the Gorge. Because of the severity of the Eagle Creek fire last summer, it is more important than ever to get an accurate picture of how pikas are doing in the continentally unique context of the Columbia River Gorge. Thanks in part to a grant from the Forest Service, they are planning to extend our depth of data collection in the Gorge and conduct more-detailed abundance surveys over the next two summers. Data to be collected include counting numbers of pika individuals present, identifying the five dominant plant species and their approximate percent cover in a transect, and estimating percentage of fire damage to the talus. The protocol involves carefully walking transects across the talus patch, thus requiring volunteers who are physically capable of doing so safely.

Due to the more-technical nature of these surveys, they are looking for a more-experienced group of volunteers to help us collect these data. All volunteers for this project would need to attend one, four-hour field training with Dr. Johanna Varner during June 22-25 inclusive, though they may consider a Plan B, if these dates are absolutely out of the question for you. Each more-experienced volunteer would then be assigned a small handful of sites to complete in their own time (during the summer season).

If you are interested in participating, please complete this form and they will contact you directly:


Photo Credit: Dr. Johanna Varner

Why abundance, and not just are pikas present Y/N?: 1) going from 10 pikas to 1 pika is a 90% reduction, but the patch would still be considered “occupied” and totally unchanged — i.e., abundance is a much more-sensitive measure that is more likely to detect changes from before the fire, given how much time has elapsed since the fire, at this point; and 2) this is probably a once-in-several-decades event (we hope !!), so it’s better to get a more-complete understanding of what happened, because that will better help us understand why.  For 2), having abundance data means that we can answer any question more powerfully, without having to visit as many sites (because Poisson models are more powerful than logistic models, for a given sample size).


Job Opportunities with ODFW & The Nature Conservancy

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife:

Natural Resource Specialist 3 (Assistant Fish Passage Coordinator) – Salem, Oregon

Experimental Biology Aide (Fisheries) – The Dalles, Oregon

The Nature Conservancy:

Willamette Basin Steward

Job Opportunity: Executive Director, Marys River Watershed Council

The Marys River Watershed Council is seeking an Executive Director to manage the
operations and report directly to the Council’s Board of Directors. The Marys River Watershed Council is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that works to inspire and support voluntary stewardship of the Marys River Watershed by partnering with landowners to enhance and steward our streams, forests and prairies, and partner with local schools to provide outdoor education opportunities. For more information, visit:

Job Opportunities: ODFW Asst District Wildlife Biologist, Fishery Specialist, and Fisheries Facility Operations

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is hiring for three positions:

Natural Resource Specialist 2 (Assistant District Wildlife Biologist)

Are you passionate about doing what’s best for wildlife and their habitat? Then this job might be for you! Assist in implementing and performing all wildlife resource management functions and related activities required to carry out the Department’s programs in the Wallowa District. Permanent position in Enterprise, Oregon. For more information, go to:

Natural Resource Specialist 1 (Nearshore & Albacore Fishery Specialist)

This position involves making decisions regarding finfish data collection and coordinating the work of albacore samplers across Oregon ports during the summer albacore season, and data entry, management and analysis for the commercial nearshore logbook program during the off season. Permanent position in Newport, Oregon. For more information, go to:

Facility Operations Specialist 1 (Facility Operations Specialist)

Unique opportunity to use your technical skills and provide support to the hatchery production team through planning, directing, monitoring and performing all aspects of equipment and facilities maintenance, safety training, specifying, acquiring bids and recommending purchasing of goods and services. Assist with fish culture activities as needed. Permanent position in Elgin, Oregon. For more information, go to: