Want to get more involved with ORTWS? Consider joining one of our committees, listed below! Scroll down for short descriptions and current members. Additional information and duties are outlined in the Operations Manual and Bylaws.

Get involved! Join a Committee!

Annual Meeting

Plan the Annual Meeting! Most of the Board is involved with this, as ORTWS’ largest event of the year takes a lot of time and effort. It really helps to have additional people bringing new ideas!

Current Members

John Goodell (chair), Wendy Wente, Danielle Jarkowsky.


Reviews the financial records of the Treasurer annually.

Current Members

David Shepherdson (chair), Summer Peterman (treasurer)


Administers awards program, which includes the Chapter awards: Dave B. Marshall, Outstanding Service Awards, Private Landowner Award, Conservation Award. Annual Meeting Presentation Awards: Les Eberhardt Award-outstanding student presentation and Dimick Award-best overall presentation.

Current Members

Andrea Karoglanian (Chair), Laura Tesler

Conservation Affairs

The responsibility of the ORTWS Conservation Affairs Committee is to review administrative regulations, environmental assessments and impact statements, management plans, and other subjects or issues affecting wildlife or wildlife habitat within the organizational area of the chapter, and make recommendations to the executive board for any action that should be taken by the chapter. The majority of the “actions” the Conservation Committee completes on behalf of ORTWS entail providing written and/or oral comments on the various plans and proposals of the state and federal government that are relevant to Oregon’s wildlife. In combination with the dedicated and highly effective work of the Legislative Affairs Committee, the work completed through Conservation Affairs is one of the primary ways that ORTWS may positively influence the management and conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat in our state. The Conservation Affairs Committee and other ORTWS members with relevant biological expertise are actively working on a variety of issues relevant to wildlife and wildlife conservation in the state.

Current Members

DeWaine Jackson (chair), Meghan Martin, Daphne Day, John Goodell, Ray Dodd, Leslie Bliss-Ketchum.


This committee used to be “Newsletters”, but ORTWS is going modern with social and digital media! To reflect the shifting nature of information exchange, the Communications committee develops outreach strategies to get information to our members and the public. Current projects include the Newsletter (Spring, Summer, and Fall), our Facebook page, and this website!

Current Members

Daphne Day (chair), Laura Tesler, Andrea Karoglanian

Continuing education/Workshops

ORTWS provides seminars, workshops, and other training events to serve the continuing education needs of our Membership. This committee develops and organizes events that further the skills of wildlife professionals in the state of Oregon. If you wish that ORTWS would put on a workshop about a topic, this is the committee for you!

Current Members

Josh Chapman (chair), Karen Hussey, Julia Burco, Wendy Wente, Daphne Day, Meghan Martin


Raffle, Auction, and special swag! The fundraising committee comes up with ways to raise money to support ORTWS events, operations, and grants.

Current Members

Julia Burco (chair), Summer Peterman, Mike Rochelle


This committee receives and reviews grant applications and oversees the grant program.

Current Members

Clint Epps (chair), Betsy Glenn, Ray Dodd

Legislative Affairs

This committee shall identify priority issues in upcoming legislative session, develop agenda and strategies for development and passage of Chapter proposals and appropriate responses to other proposed bills. This committee is critical in providing unbiased information to the Legislators representing the State of Oregon.  ORTWS provides information on wildlife issues to aid in public discussion of natural resource management in our state and promotes the application of sound science in resource management decisions.

Current Members

Leland Brown, Meghan Martin, David Shepherdson, John Goodell, Stephen Kafoury, Charlie Bruce, and Warren Aney

Membership Affairs

This committee provides new member information and avenues for reaching new and renewing members. We aren’t a professional society if we do not have members to serve!

Current Members

 Andrea Karoglanian (chair), Jenniffer Bakke


Drum up interest in participating on the Board! This committee solicits for qualified nominees to officer and board positions.

Current Members


Thriving students become engaged wildlife professionals. ORTWS provides a number of small scholarships to students attending a wildlife program at Oregon colleges. This committee reviews and selects the winners, and delivers the award notifications.

Current Members

Karen Hussey (chair), Nancy Allen

Other Board-Appointed Positions

SAF Liaison
Jenniffer Bakke
AFS Liaison
Laura Tesler