Member Spotlight – Leland Brown

Leland Brown.jpg

Education: B.S., Environmental Biology, Plymouth State University

Present Position: Non-lead Hunting Education Coordinator, Oregon Zoo 2015-present

Past Experience: Predator Biologist- San Clemente Island Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program, Institute for Wildlife Studies 2007-2010; Program Manager- Feral Pig Removal, Institute for Wildlife Studies 2010-2012; Non-lead Outreach Coordinator- Institute for Wildlife Studies 2010-2012; Wildlife Management Technician- Hawaii Natural Area Reserve System 2012-2015.

TWS Involvement: Assisted in hosting first non-lead ammunition demonstration in July 2015, set up and hosted Non-lead Ammunition Workshop November 2015, presentations at 2016 OR TWS conference.

Interests: I grew up running around the woods and mountains of northern NH. My interests personally and professionally still reflect that history. Professionally, I am interested in maintaining healthy, intact ecosystems and wildlife populations. This includes addressing human dimensions of conservation, including sustainable use, environmental contamination, and invasive species management. We are in a crucial time to develop sustainable funding sources for wildlife conservation that requires engaging diverse stakeholders. I spend my free time hiking, climbing, hunting, camping, and generally trying to get lost in the woods with my dogs and wife.


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