Member Spotlight – DeWaine Jackson

DeWaine Jackson.jpg

Education:      B.S. at Iowa State University (1976) – Fisheries and Wildlife Biology; M.S.    Michigan State University (1979) – Thesis on Mallard Breeding Ecology;  Ph.D.  Colorado State University (1984) – Dissertation on Ecology of Bobcats in Colorado

Present Position: Wildlife Research Supervisor – West Region Research – ODFW.  Primary responsibilities include conducting management related research on wildlife species of concern to ODFW and leading a team of wildlife researchers to accomplish project goals.  Current Research projects include Black-tailed deer ecology in western Oregon, utilization of fecal DNA to obtain population estimates for black-tailed deer, mortality characteristics of black bear in Oregon (manuscript preparation), migration & habitat use of mule deer in south-central Oregon (data analysis), survival and movement of Cascades black-tailed deer – OSU cooperative, survival and movement of south-central mule deer – OSU cooperative, and Black-tailed Deer: Estimates of Abundance, Distribution, Habitat Selection and Forest Impacts – OSU Cooperative

Former Positions: Contract Biologist – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (1983-84);  Forest Wildlife Research Biologist – Iowa Department of Natural Resources (1984-94); Wildlife Projects Leader – ODFW 1994 -96. Worked on numerous species, including Coyotes, Mallards, Mourning Doves, bobcats, eastern white-tailed deer, wild turkey, Ruffed Grouse, beaver, cougar, black bear, elk , Columbian white-tailed deer, mule deer, black-tailed deer.      

TWS: Member for over thirty years

Interests: Professional Defining impacts of predation on ungulate population dynamics and  developing wildlife management practices based on data from appropriate spatial and temporal scales.


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