ORTWS Board Elections 2015!

It’s time to elect officers and board members for the next year! Watch your email boxes for ballots! You can also vote at the Annual Meeting. We are voting to fill eight board positions:  President-elect, Vice President-elect, Treasurer, and five general Board positions. Descriptions of the candidates are below.

Please return your ballot to Kendel Emmerson via e-mail (ortws.secretary@gmail.com), mail your completed hard copy at the address below, or deposit your completed ballot in the ballot box at our annual meeting in Eugene by noon on April 30. If you will be mailing a hard copy, please make sure it reaches us by Friday April 24, 2015. Deadline for all voting is by noon on April 30, 2015.

The Candidates

Heather A. Bernier (President-elect)


Education:     B.S., Wildlife Management, University of Maine, 1992.

Present Position:  Assistant Field Manager, Klamath Falls Resource Area, Lakeview District BLM (2005 – present).

Former Positions: Lead Wildlife Biologist, Grants Pass Resource Area, Medford District BLM (2003-2005); District Wildlife Biologist, Paulina Ranger District, Ochoco National Forest (1997-2003); Wildlife Biologist, Ashland Ranger District, Rogue River National Forest (1995-1997); Wildlife Technician, Glendale Resource Area, Medford District BLM (1995); Wildlife Technician, Lakeview Ranger District,  Fremont National Forest (1992-1994); Botanical Technician, Lakeview Ranger District, Fremont National Forest (1991).

TWS Activities: Member since 1991; Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society Photo Contest Coordinator (1997 – present); Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society – Board Member (2001-2003); Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society Student Job Networking (2009-2011); Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society Student Mock Interviews and Student Resume Workshop presenter (2012); 19th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society half day workshop presenter on “Resume and Interview Strategies for the Early Career Professional” (2012); The Wildlife Society Early Career Professional Working Group Member (2012-present); Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society Interview Techniques & Strategies Session presenter (2013); Student mentor (2006 – present) and Session presentation judge as needed.

InterestsProfessional – Early career professional development; organizational readiness; and mentoring future leadership. Personal – Oregon big game hunting, Paleo diet, Olympic lifting, mountain climbing and backpacking.

Autumn Larkins (Vice President-elect)

Autumn Larkins

Education:  B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University

Present Position: Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Assistant District Wildlife Biologist, Harney District.

Former Positions: Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Acting Sage-Grouse Conservation Coordinator; Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Senior Technician on Mule Deer Research Project; Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Acting Assistant Research Project Leader; Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Experimental Biologist Aide on Elk/Cougar Nutrition-Predation Project;  Utah State University Wildlife Technician on Swift Fox Ecology Project; Michigan State University Wildlife Technician on Moose Population Assessment Project.

TWS Involvement: Board Member of the Oregon Chapter 2014—2015. Chair of the Awards Committee. Member of the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society since 2003.  I have presented at several annual meetings and also moderated for the Carnivore Session during the 2004 annual meeting.  I

Interests:  My professional interests include protecting and enhancing Oregon’s fish and wildlife and their habitats for use and enjoyment by present and future generations. My personal interests include upland game bird hunting, traditional archery hunting, backpacking, hiking, cross-country skiing and photography.

Vanessa Blackstone (Treasurer)


Vanessa Blackstone is the Wildlife Biologist for Oregon State Parks, so she gets to travel around the entire state! A native Ohioan, Vanessa got her BSc at the Ohio State University, then chased bobwhite quail around in Tennessee, stalked montane meadow songbirds in the Sierras of California, and investigated black oak woodlands and aspen groves. Vee then delved into a MSc at California State University, Long Beach in animal behavior. While finishing her thesis she started working as a consulting biologist on California gnatcatchers, coastal sage scrub, and oak woodlands. Now she looks for critters in the depths of the forest, among waving grasses, across the high desert, and the Ocean Shore. Her work includes implementing the Habitat Conservation Plan for western snowy plover, recovery of threatened and endangered species within state parks, and wildlife management across the entire state.  She also supports parks in their efforts to blend wildlife conservation and human recreation in an increasingly populated world. Vee has served ORTWS as treasurer since 2013 where she earned the nickname “Smaug”. And she’s proud of it!

Lindsay J. Adrean (Board Position)


Education:     M.S. Wildlife Science, Oregon State University, 2011, Graduate Certificate, Marine Resource Management, Oregon State University, 2011,          B.S. Geographic Information Science, James Madison University, 2004

Current Position: Oregon Conservation Strategy Species Coordinator, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (2013-present)

Former Positions: Avian Predation Coordinator, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Tillamook, OR (2011-2013); Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University, San Francisco Bay, CA (2008-2011); Crew Leader, Columbia River Avian Predation Project, Oregon State University, Pasco, WA (2007); Crew Leader, Coastal Waterbird Program, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Cape Cod, MA (2006), Field Technician, Columbia River Avian Predation Project, Oregon State University, Pasco and Sequim, WA (2005); Field Technician, Programa Restauración de Tortugas Marinas, Costa Rica (2004); Island Manager, Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Cape Cod, MA (2004).

TWS Activities: Current Oregon TWS member, past annual meeting presenter

Interest in TWS Board Position: In my current position at ODFW, I promote and coordinate statewide research and monitoring activities related to the wildlife species of greatest conservation need identified in the Oregon Conservation Strategy. My effectiveness in this position would be boosted by a seat on the board at TWS through development of new relationships with Oregon’s wildlife professionals.

Other Interests: Professionally, I am interested in strengthening conservation of terrestrial and marine habitats and nongame wildlife species. Personally I enjoy boating of any sort, fishing, hiking, international travel, and crafts.

Robin Bown (Board Position)


Education:     B.S. in Wildlife Biology and B.A in Botany, University of Montana, 1980.  M.S. Wildlife Biology, University of Montana, 1989.

Present Position:  Senior Fish and Wildlife Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service; project manager, barred owl removal experiment.

Former Positions: Various positions with US Fish and Wildlife Service (1991) to present including spotted owl specialist, Supervisor of Northwest Forest Plan Implementation Team, Westside Forest Endangered Species Supervisor, project manager for T&E species projects such as marbled murrelet critical habitat, northern spotted owl status review, coastal cutthroat trout listing, National Fire Plan consultation project.

TWS Activities: Officer, Biological Diversity Working Group, National TWS.

InterestsProfessional – Threatened, and endangered species management; Personal- hunting, birding, rockhounding, and travel.

Jane M. Dalgliesh (Board Position)


Education:     B.S., Fisheries and Wildlife Science, Oregon State University, 2009.

Present Position:  Fisheries Biologist (continued assistance with the terrestrial stewardship / wildlife crew), Willamette Valley Project, Army Corps of Engineers (2014 – present). 

Former Positions: Natural Resource Specialist, Wildlife Biological Technician, Willamette Valley Project, Army Corps of Engineers (2010-2014); Natural / Cultural Resource Manager, Fairchild Air Force Base, Department of the Air Force (2010-unforseen relocation); Project Biologist / Project Manager, Luckiamute Watershed Council, Willamette Valley (2009 – 2010); Fish and Wildlife Field Biologist Volunteer, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde (2008 – 2010); Wildlife Field Biologist, USDA special projects (2008 – 2010); U.S. Air Force veteran

TWS:  Active member since 2007; Attend all annual meetings; participate in TWS organized workshops and events since becoming a member.

Interests: Professional- Continuing education and career development; Project development team dynamics and organization; Education and outreach for fish and wildlife related events (job shadows, school programs, community groups). Personal- Fishing, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, spending time with my dog,  travelling, running, cooking (hence the running).

*The wildlife, fish and natural resource world is a second career for me. I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up! I am thrilled and thankful everyday for my work and continually strive to become part of the natural resource conservation solution! I am enthusiastic about being more involved with the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society and supporting this important organization from the inside out!

Clinton Wakefield Epps (Board Position)


Education:  B.A. Biology, Rice University, 1997. Ph.D.  Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California-Berkeley, 2004.

Present Position:  Associate Professor, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University.

Former Positions: Assistant Professor, Oregon State University, 2008-2014; NSF International Research Fellow, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania/University of California, 2006-2008; Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, 2005-2006.

TWS Activities: Member since 2008; presenter at annual meetings, co-organizer Animal Movement workshop at ORTWS 2010 meeting, presenter and panel member at ORTWS Lead and Wildlife Workshop (2013).

InterestsProfessional – Conservation genetics, animal movement and connectivity, climate change, disease, lead and wildlife Personal – Hiking and camping, hunting and competitive shooting, playing bluegrass music, wood/metal/leather working.

John Goodell (Board Member)


John is the Curator of Natural History at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon (2012 to present), where curates the Museum’s living collection, natural history exhibits, programs and has recently initiated a new science and conservation department at the Museum.  Previously, John had worked as a consultant conducting wildlife monitoring, habitat restoration, and conservation planning efforts in the northern intermountain states. He also worked for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources as a field technician for many years in their Partners in Flight Program.

TWS Activities: Conservation Committee, wildlife & lead issues, conservation funding.

Interests:  Pursuing collaborative solutions to achieve permanent, dedicated funding capacity for the Oregon Conservation Strategy via all outdoor user groups and stake holders.

Andrea Karoglanian (Board Position)


Education:    B.S. Zoology, University of Florida

Present Position:     Wildlife Biologist, The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs of Oregon, 2012-present.

Former Positions:    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Biological Science Technician 2011, Pasco, WA; Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers Watershed Council, Biologist 2010, Roseburg, OR; Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Experimental Biology Aide (seasonal) 2006-2009, Roseburg, OR; Bureau of Land Management, Wildlife Technician (seasonal) 2006-2010, Roseburg, OR.

TWS Involvement:  Current member of ORTWS enthusiastic about becoming more involved with the chapter.

Interests:     Professional interests include a career providing long-term sustainability of healthy wildlife populations.  I have worked with many species of wildlife throughout my career including raptors, songbirds, fish, amphibians, deer, elk, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats. Recently my passion has revolved around habitat protection and restoration. Personal interests include camping, hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, birding, and any other outdoor activity taking advantage of the beautiful Oregon weather with family and friends.

Todd J. Mabee (Board Position)


Education: B.A. degree in Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder and an M.S. degree in Zoology from Colorado State University

Present Position: Senior Scientist and Research Coordinator with ABR, Inc.—Environmental Research & Services in Forest Grove, Oregon.

TWS Involvement: Todd has attended and been an active participant in the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society meetings since moving to Oregon in 1998 and has served on the board since 2013. He has co-organized workshops on the importance of Lead and Wildlife issues and has been the co-chair of the Conservation Committee during his time on the board.

Interests: His research interests include the study of avian and bat issues at wind projects in the US and Mexico, nocturnal bird migration in the U.S, the breeding biology of shorebirds, raptor ecology, and the ecology of amphibians. He has authored 17 peer-reviewed articles on topics including nocturnal bird migration at proposed wind projects in the US and Mexico, radar ornithology, shorebird ecology, bat ecology, and amphibian ecology. Outside of work Todd enjoys time with his family (wife and 2 young kids), camping, hiking, running, cross-country skiing, hunting, fishing, and traveling both within the US and abroad.

Laura Tesler (Board Position)


Education: B.S. Fisheries Science, Oregon State University

 Present Position: Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program Staff Biologist

Former Positions: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (Restoration and Enhancement Program Coordinator), Oregon Department of Agriculture (Regional Water Quality Planner), Natural Resources Conservation Service (Resource Conservationist), USDA Forest Service (Recreation Technician), National Marine Fisheries Service (Fisheries Technician).

TWS Involvement:  Vice-President Elect for the Oregon Chapter 2013-2014, Vice President fo for the Oregon Chapter 2014-2015. Current member of National and the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society 2010-present, chaired the OR Chapter National Meeting Volunteer Committee 2012, Liaison between TWS and AFS 2011-present. Current member of the National and Oregon Chapters of the American Fisheries Society.

I was a member of the AFS Board for many years and served as Vice President and chaired many committees. I am organized, fun-loving, responsive, tenacious, thoughtful, assertive, and was heavily involved with the National TWS meeting in Portland this year that had over 3,000 attendees. I would like to re-energize the TWS membership, encourage the current connection between WA and OR and I bring a varied and interesting background of experiences to the table. I would enjoy serving on the board to fulfill the mission of OR TWS and I would greatly appreciate your support.

Interests:  My professional interests include acquisition and restoration of 16,880 acres for fish and wildlife underneath the auspices of a large legal settlement, navigating politics to provide favorable outcomes, providing good customer service to constituents, and making scientifically sound decisions.  My personal interests include scuba diving (both warm water and cold water), underwater photography, politics, fishing, running, hiking, camping, hot springs, quilting, and cider tasting.

Thomas Stokely (Board Position)


Education: B.S. Environmental Science (Land Management Tract), University of Missouri, 2010; M.S. Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University, 2014.

Present Position: 2014- Present. PhD student in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, emphasizing in Forest Ecology; Effects of intensive forest management on cervid foraging selectivity and pressure in early seral plantations of the Oregon Coast Range.

Former Positions: Graduate Research Assistant at the College of Forestry, Oregon State University, 2010-2014; Forest Ecophysiology Research Technician, University of Missouri, 2009 & 2010; Hydrology Research Technician, University of Missouri, 2008-2010; Wetland Fisheries Research Technician, University of Missouri, 2007; Forest Mensuration Research Technician, University of Missouri, 2007; Soils Research Technician, University of Missouri, 2006.

TWS Involvement: Oregon Chapter member since 2014.

Interests: Overall, I am interested in biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of managed landscapes. This includes ecosystem services provided by plants and wildlife to management objectives as well as the use of management for the conservation and restoration of wildlife habitat. My work involves forests, but I am also highly interested in wetland and grassland communities. My personal interests include hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, foraging, gardening and exploring nature throughout.

Wendy Wente (Board Position)


Education:  B.S., Zoology, Miami University, 1992; Ph.D., Ecology, Evolution, and Animal Behavior, Indiana University, 2001.

Present Position:  Senior Ecologist and Associate, Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc., Portland, Oregon (2005-Present).

Former Positions: Wildlife Biologist and Ecologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center, Corvallis, OR (2000-2004).

TWS Activities: Member since 2001. Volunteered at Annual Oregon Chapter Meetings: Audio/Visual Services 2008, Moderator 2013, Private sector representative at student mentoring sessions (several years), Conducted poster sessions 2014 and 2015.

InterestsProfessional – Ecology of the Pacific Northwest; speciation theory; successful design, implementation, and monitoring of wildlife habitat mitigation plans Personal – Raising my daughter, Naomi; hunting, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering; keeping our pet menagerie happy and healthy.


If you will be mailing a hard copy of your ballot, please send it in time to arrive at the following address no later than Friday, April 24, 2015:


P.O. Box 2378

Corvallis, OR 97330




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