First Call for Papers and Posters! Annual Meeting April 29-May 1


Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Oregon Society of American Foresters
2015 Joint Annual Meeting
April 29-May 1, 2015
Hilton Hotel, Eugene, Oregon

Theme : Common Ground, Common Goals, & Common Solutions

This year ORTWS and the Oregon Society of American Foresters are holding a joint annual meeting! This brings lots of interesting opportunities for our membership (you!) to experience and present information to a slightly different audience. This does NOT mean that our posters and presentations should be limited to wildlife-forest interactions!

In this FIRST CALL, we are looking for research presentations from across all parts of the state. Regardless of the ecoregion you work in or the taxa you work with, others want to hear from you. Take this opportunity to share your completed or ongoing studies with your peers. Conference organizers will group abstracts into like categories to build concurrent sessions.

** Please submit abstracts for oral presentations and poster presentations to Jimmy Taylor,

Abstracts must be submitted electronically via Microsoft Word by February 16, 2015. See instructions below and at .

** Let us know if you are a student and would like to be judged for Best Student Paper or Poster


Abstract Deadline: February 16, 2015
Please specify on the first line either “oral presentation” or “poster presentation”
Please limit abstracts to 250 words

Use Times New Roman, 12‐point font.
Title.—Type in all capitals.
Author name(s).—Type in upper and lower case, then convert to small capitals (do not manufacture small capitals by changing font size).
Author address(es).—Italicize. If there are several authors with different addresses, follow each author name with the appropriate address; spell out street addresses, use state acronyms, no comma between state and zip code, include the name of the country if other than the United States or Canada; separate street address and email address with a semi‐colon.
Abstract.—Indent. Single space and type in upper and lower case. The abstract should summarize the paper with an emphasis on results and their meaning. Only small capitals and italics are retained, so please do not use bold face or any other non‐standard type face. Leave only 1 space between a period and the start of the next sentence. Scientific names should be italicized and should accompany the 1st use of the common name. Common names should be capitalized.


THERMOREGULATORY BEHAVIOR AND GROWTH CHARACTERISTICS OF WESTERN POND TURTLES ON THE REGULATED MAINSTEM TRINITY RIVER AND UNREGULATED SOUTH FORK TRINITY RIVER. Jamie B Bettaso, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Arcata Field Office, 1655 Heindon Road, Arcata, CA 95521;; Donald T Ashton, Hartwell H Welsh, JR., US Forest Service, Redwood Sciences Laboratory, 1700 Bayview Drive, Arcata, CA 95521.

The Western Pond Turtle (Actinemys marmorata) is a California State Species of Special Concern and listed as a Sensitive Species by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, as the species has been declining throughout its range…


Presentations should be 30 minutes with time allotted for questions from the audience. Exact dates and time slots for accepted presentations will be arranged to group similar topics into categories for sessions. Once sessions are arranged, the moderator for your session will contact you to arrange for a short biography and to obtain any presentation materials (slideshow, etc) that will be needed for the meeting.


Each poster should be contained within a 3 ft.-high x 4 ft.-wide area. Posters should be attached to poster boards or other sturdy material provided by the presenter. Posters will be affixed to the walls using painters tape. If you have your own poster stand please bring it as there are limited stands and tables. Also please bring copies of your poster abstract and contact information to hand out to poster session attendees. Contact Fran Cafferata Coe directly if you have additional questions about display boards and/or the size of your poster.

Contact Fran at (503)-680-7939 or



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