Legislative Liason Quarterly Report – July, August, September

The Wild Bird Seed bill is back on track, with our legislative liason working with the Governor’s natural resource advisor. A placeholder concept of the bill has been submitted to the legislative counsel for drafting, with intent to develop the bill for the February legislative session.

Mr. Kafoury brought forward an opinion-editorial published in the Oregonian on July 27, 2014. ORTWS drafted a reply, but our piece was not published despite Mr. Kafoury’s inquiries with the newspaper. Our piece is here on the news blog; a piece authored by the Oregon Zoo was published in response representing.

Mr. Kafoury also networked the Oregon Conservation Network with ODFW regarding budgeting support, and has been in contact with the Governor’s office and the House Ways and Means Committee to find additional support for the agency.
ORTWS is also setting a time to meet with Representative Sara Gelser in Corvallis, likely in November, to establish a relationship and let her know that many of her constituents are interested in things other than education. Biologists in the area are strongly encouraged to attend. More information will be coming soon.

Mr. Kafoury also submitted our quarterly report to the Oregon Government Ethics Commission


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