Member Spotlight – Vanessa (Vee) Blackstone

Vee Blackstone
Education: M.S. Biology, California State University, Long Beach and B.S. Wildlife Management, School of Natural Resources, The Ohio State University

Present Position: Wildlife Biologist with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Stewardship Division. I address wildlife issues for the entire state park system, including threatened and endangered species management, regulatory permitting, reducing impacts to wildlife from park planning and operations, and convincing people to not feed the squirrel that just ate the insulation from their engine. And yes, there is only one wildlife bio for the entire park system!

Former Positions: Biologist, ICF International (2009 – 2011); Associate Biologist, TRC Solutions (2008-2009); Biologist, Natural Resource Consultants, Inc (2007); Biological Technician, U.S Forest Service (2004 – 2005); Avian Conservation Biologist, PRBO Conservation Science (2003-2004); Quail Technician, Ames Plantation (2002) TWS Activities: On-and-off again relationship with the national Wildlife Society (currently I’m on!); President of the Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society at The Ohio State University,  2001-2002.

Interests: My professional interests include integrating wildlife management principles into recreation management, bringing solid science to land management, and finding creative solutions to the unique problems faced by land management agencies. Personally, I like hiking in forests, salamander hunting, bird watching, and I’m starting to love minimalist running in MacDonald Forest. There are also geek activities that I might tell you about if you ask, but won’t admit to on paper. For example, D&D. Yes, that kind of D&D.


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